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XC Course Review



See the fences - set in the lovely Drishane Castle grounds


All pictures by kind permission of unless otherwise credited.



Fence 1 - Spring Nurseries Millstreet Welcome




Fence 2 - Jack and Jill Foundation Shelter


Fence 3 & 4 - River Ledge Eventing Gypsy Camp

Fences 3 (left) and 4 (right) with decorative Gypsy Caravan in centre


The line required to jump fences 3 & 4 directly

Fence 5 - Connolly's Red Mills Trakehner


From the side showing the width

Fence 6AB - Horsesport Ireland Shamrock Waster

Note that these photos were taken before the water was added!  All the grey sand was underwater by the start of the XC.

Part A direct route - a substantial drop in to water


Alternative Part A - without the drop into water

The drop at the direct Part A


Part B - the direct route through the middle with longer options at both edges

Fence 7 - Hayrack




Fence 8AB - Top Spec Drop

Part A - another substantial drop followed by a choice of 2 skinnies - with another one well out of the way for use after a run out


From the top of Part A looking at the skinnies




Looking back at Part A


The Skinnies from the back

Fence 9ABC - Irish Field Lane Crossing


Part A, an Irish Bank, followed by a road then part B, a wall, and C a house




The top of Part A, looking at Parts B & C

Part C


Fence 10 - Bucas Fort

From the front

From the back showing the drop on landing

Fence 11 - Bucas Fort

From the front

From the back showing the drop on landing

Fence 12 - The Equine Warehouse Train



Unavoidable water splash hazard between fences 12 & 13



Fence 13AB - The Fernhill Sport Horse Castle Corners


The fast route of 2 corners

Part B from the landing side - the fast route on the lest and slow to the right

Fence 14 - Farmyard Dray

Fence 15ABC - Millstreet Horse Show Lime Kiln Water

Part A, before the water

Part B/C on the direct route


The alternative Part C

Note that grain was to be added to the top of this element on the day.

Fence 16/17 - Eventing Ireland Millstreet Question

Fence 16 direct route on the left, alterntive on the right

Fence 16 direct route with 17A (Ditch) and B (Hedge) behind


From the edge of the ditch (17A) looking at Part B which could be jumped in the centre or at the end of each side

Fence 18 - Ballymaloe Relish Picnic Table


Fence 19 ABC - Horsesport Ireland Shamrock Water

Part A (direct) - jumping back into the Shamrock Water (with water now appearing)

Part B - with water appearing!  By the day, it wasin the middle of the water


The alternative Part A (a very long way round)


Part C

Fence 20 - Kilguilkey House Equestrian Oxer

Fence 21 - Noel C Duggan Tool Box

All photos not otherwise credited were taken by and these and others be viewed/purchased on their website.  A special Pony Euros "A4 Collage" is also available for both portrait and landscape style photos from 1st September 2014.


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