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Day 3 Report


First Part of Jumping Team Competition


Final part of Eventing dressage


Final Part of Jumping Team Competition


First part of Dressage Individual Competition


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Jumping Report - The First Team Round


The first round European Jumping Team Championships took place early in the morning and there were teams from 10 nations plus some individual riders from other countries.  The Championships is a two round "Nations Cup" style competition with the jumps having a maximum height of 1.30m and maximum spread of 1.40m, apart from triple bars where the spread can be up to 1.60m and the Water Jump can be up to 3.30m.  Team GB were drawn in 5th place in the running order, and the first British competitors, Amy Inglis & Lea du Genier (Balkh d'Aigremont x unknown) got GB off to a great start with a clear round.  Amy has an wealth of experience having been members of the 2011 & 2012 Gold medal winning teams with her other pony, Nils d'Hurl'Vent.


After the first competitor had jumped for each nation, the only one other clear rounds were for Ireland and Belgium.  In the second round, team newcomers Emily Ward & King Mac (breeding unknown) were unlucky to have a toe in the water so they finished with 4 faults.  The second Belgium rider was also clear so they went into the lead with GB and Ireland just behind on 4 faults.


In the third round, Faye Adams & Some like it Hot (breeding unknown) did a lovely clear and happily exited the ring to the sound of "Ghostbusters"!  Some Like It Hot competed as an individual in 2012 with Faye's sister Beth.  At the end of the tihird round, GB were still on 4 faults as were Ireland and they had gone into the joint lead as the 3rd rider for Belgium had 8 faults.


In the 4th round of riders, British bred Rock Dee Jay (Arko III x unknown) & Susan Fitzpatrick (IRL) had the third fence down so Ireland finished on a total of 4 faults. The last Belgium rider also had 8 faults, so they finished on a team score of 8 faults.  Last to go for the GB team were the 2012 Individual Champions Millie Allen & the 10 year old mare, Song Girl (breeding unknown), and to the delight of the British supporters, they produced GB's third clear round and ensured that GB carried zero faults into the second round. 


The last British rider was the GB individual (and only sole GB boy), Alex Gill & Sammanvalley Santino (Cruglwyd Sant x unknown) and they were also clear which means that Alex hasn't added any more faults to the four he got in the first individual round. 


So at the end of the 1st round, GB are the only team on a score of zero, then France, Ireland & Germany all have 4 faults and Belgium & Denmark both have a total 8 to take forward into round 2.  The second round starts at 4pm (local time) and all the individual riders jump first.  Then the team riders jump in turn but the team order is now in reverse order of merit, so the British team riders jump last each in each rotation and Millie Allen and Song Girl jump last of all.





Amy Inglis & Lea du Genier


Emily Ward & King Mac


Faye Adams & Some like it Hot


All photos by

Millie Allen & Song Girl

British-bred Ammanvalley Santino & Alex Gill (GB)

Eventing Report
At the end of the first session of eventing dressage, the British team were in third  place, just 0.4 penalties behind the German team, with Ireland (last year's Gold medallists) in the lead (2.9 penalties ahead of GB).  However, day two brought surprising changes to the leader board.
Today, Pumbaa Goess-Saurau & Killacoran Blue (Blue Smokey x King of the Hills) who are competing as individuals were the first of the British to do their dressage and their overall score of 49 penalties) was good enough to them in put them into 10th place at the end of the session.
Yasmin Ingham & Craig Mor Tom (breeding not recorded) were the first of British Eventing Charles Owen sponsored team riders and they did a lovely test that was rewarded with 44.0 penalties and initially 2nd place.  The final British team members, Rose Nesbitt & Carrowmore Gemstone (breeding not recorded) kept British team hopes high.
At the end of the dressage phase, good performances from French and Italy riders gave the leader board quite a different look with France moving from 7th place at the halfway point into the lead and Italy moving from 8th place into 2nd.  GB maintained the 3rd place with Ireland just 0.7 of a penalty behind and Germany a further 5 penalties behind. Overall, Yasmin & Craig Mor Tom are the best placed British pair before the start of the Cross Country (XC) with their 44 penalties putting them in 3rd place.  Indeed all of the British riders finished the dressage in the top 18 places, a great result and reflective of the effort that has gone into training.
The XC starts at 9am (Italian time -8am UK time) tomorrow (Saturday) and the first British rider on the course will be Libby Seed at 9.24am.  The course is very flat with just a few artificial mounds but is also very twisty and the heat (estimated at 37 degrees at it's height) is likely to have an effect, especially as the last 6 fences in the main arena are quite challenging. 

Pictures of the cross country course can be found on Facebook (by kind permission of Hannah Owen).


Pumbaa Goess-Saurau & Killacoran Blue


Rose Nesbitt & Carrowmore Gemstone


Photos by


Jumping Report - The Final Team Round & Results


After a long and hot wait, the second and deciding round of the team competition started at 5pm.  All the remaining individual riders had already jumped first and GB's Alex Gill & Sammanvalley Santino disappointingly had 3 fences down so with the 4 faults they'd already had in the first round of the individual competition, they take 16 faults through to Sunday's individual final.


There was a little drama early on when the first Italian rider's pony hit a pole hard and broke it in two!  A short delay ensued while they fetched a replacement, but the competition was soon underway again.  Poles fell "left, right and centre" and the lowest score from the first of each Nation's team riders, including Amy Inglis & Lea du Genier,  was 4 faults.  In Amy's case they had part of the treble down and this proved a tricky combination for all riders.


The second tranche of riders fared somewhat better, with the first team rider clear being achieved by the 14th rider, Phillip Carey (SWE).  This seemed to set a trend as 4 of the remaining 6 riders had clear rounds too.  Excitingly for GB, this included Emily Ward & King Mac.  However, the second riders from the other top teams also did well, so there was increasing pressure on the last two riders to jump.


With the third riders for Germany & France emulating their second riders and achieving clear rounds, pressure mounted.  Unfortunately, Faye Adams & Some Like It Hot had a fence down so GB's lead had gone and when the final German rider went clear, Millie Allen needed to go clear for GB to finish on the same score (4 faults) after both rounds as the Germans and this would have forced a jump off.  The normally reliable Song Girl did indeed leave all the fences up but she also landed a little short at the water and accumulated 4 faults there instead.  So the German team took the Gold (on a score of 4 faults), GB got Silver (team score 8 faults) and Ireland dropped into Bronze (with a score of 12 faults)


Ironically, all the British riders that went clear in the first round had one fence down in the second while Emily, who had one fence in the first round, went clear!  With double clear rounds being rare, and with the faults from the first individual qualifying round being added to today's score, only one rider, Jessica Toelstang (DEN) goes forward to the individual final with a zero score.  Ninon Castex (FRA) has just one time fault to take forward, then there are 8 riders on 4 penalties, including GB's Emily, Faye and Beth with Amy being in joint 12th place on a score of 8 faults (as she had one fence down in the first qualifying round).


Final Results


GOLD GERMANY - 4 faults
    Philipp Schulze Topphoff & Mentos Junior 2 ( (8) & (4) )
    Enno Klaphake & Pepper Ann 7 ( 0 & 0 )
    Justine Tebbel & Okehurst Little Bow Woe ( 4 & 0 )
    Lars Volmer & Carrick 13 ( 0 & 0 )


 GREAT BRITAIN - 8 faults

    Amy Inglis & Lea du Genier ( 0 & 4 )
    Emily Ward & King Mac ( (4) & 0 )
    Faye Adams & Some Like It Hot ( 0 & 4 )
    Millie Allen & Song Girl ( 0 & (4) )
    Tim Macdonagh & Imagine If One ( 0 & (8) )
    Matt Garrigan & Future Interest ( 4 & 4 )
    Killian Norris & Javas Alun ( 0 & 4 )
    Susan Fitzpatrick & Rock Dee Jay ( (4) & 0 )
The Irish Team


Amy Inglis & Lea du Genier


Emily Ward & King Mac


Faye Adams & Some Like It Hot


Millie Allen & Song Girl


The British Team

Dressage Report


The first part of the individual dressage medal competitions started at 15.30 pm (local time) and there were two British riders drawn to go in this session.  Although most public attention was on the jumping ring as the Team medals were being decided over there, there were still plenty of supporters and spectators at the dressage, although most sought what shade they could as the heat was even more intense as it reflect off the sand surface.


Erin & her lovely palomino, Dynasty, were drawn to go near to the end of the class.  No doubt going for an even higher score than their impressive 74+% in the team test, they just had a few minor mistakes but as they scored 7 or more for most movements, although the few lower scores had some impact, they still finished on 71.805% and were in 5th place overnight.  Rebecca Bell & Valido's Sunshine also competed and they scored 66.268% to be in 12th at the end of the day.  Erin and Dyasty are pictured just about to start their test.


Rose Hugh Smith and Phoebe Peters compete at 15.30 and 16.02 on Saturday.  With the last rider starting their test at 19.38, it'll be a long wait from Phoebe's test until the conclusion, especially as one of the potentially top scoring German combinations (Semmieke Rothenburger & Deinhard B) don't compete until 19.06. 



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