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Maybeck Sparkling Moonlight (2009 - by Thistledown Copper Lustre)

Only foals with at least one SPSS licensed/graded parent (shown in bold) will be published and details of the parents, date of birth etc should be included in the email.  Please note that you must obtain the photographer's permission before submitting a photograph.


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SOS What Apricot Wants

Palomino Filly. Sire: SOS Kantje's Unicolor; Dam: SOS Promiscuous (SSH, by Proset). Born: 30 April 2010. Breeder: SOS Horses. Pictured at 2010 BEF Futurity evaluation where she gained an Elite Premium.

Photograph by kind permission of

Delaroche Brillanz

Chestnut colt. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: Bernwode Evelina-S. Born 4 Apr 2010.  Breeder: Delaroche Stud

DST Carluccio

Sire: Top Champy; Dam: SPS Belle Vue . Born 14 Apr 2010.  Breeder:


Antsar Double Delight

Chestnut Filly. Sire: FS Dr Watson (FS Don't Worry); Dam: Antsar Maria.  Born: 17 April 2010. Breeder:  Hazel Cornes


Bay colt. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: Cassandra Rose. Born Apr 2010.  Breeder: Chantal Walton

De Prima Diva

Chestnut Filly. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: De Prima Donna (by Dimmaggio). Born 23 Apr 2010.  Breeder: Jane Hoskin


Bay colt. Sire: Casino Royale K; Dam: Bathleyhills Sea Swift. Born 11 May 2010.  Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud


Bay Tobiano. Sire: Daydream; Dam: Lostock Sing Song.   Born 19th April 2010. Breeder: Caroline Hamilton


Chestnut colt. Sire: Garuda K; Dam: Silver. Born 15 May 2010.  Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud

Copper Phoenix

Bay Colt. Sire: Thistledown Copper Lustre; Dam: Santana. Born 27 April 2010. Breeder: Mrs Rachel Connors


Chestnut colt. Sire: FS Don't Worry (GRP); Dam: Mona (GRP). Born 30 May 2010.  Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud


Bay Tobiano. Sire: Daydream; Dam: Roseanne.  Born 29 April 2010. Breeder: Katie Jewell

Waterborn Misty Blue

Black Filly. Sire: Waterborn to be Wild (by Bernwode Nirvana); Dam: Julmar Playmate. Born: 3 June 2010, Breeder: Waterborn Stud. One day old in photo


Colt.  Sire: Littledale Bright Star; Dam: Celton Patience (Welsh Sec B). Born: 16 June 2010. Breeder: Valerie May. One day old in photo.


Bay Filly. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: The Wexford Lady (Athens Olympic Team & 4* Eventer). Born June 2010. Breeder: Preci-Spark Ltd

Fairlight Mickey Finn

Bay Colt. Sire: Jonkers Metyo; Dam: Bernwode Birgitta (by Bernwode Brokat). Born: 8 June 2010. Breeder: Fairlight Stud. Five days old in picture.

Topaz Gold

Dun Colt. Sire: FS Don't Worry (GRP); Dam: Sapphire Blue (SPSS Elite Pony European Eventing Team Medallist). Born: 9 May 2010.  Breeder: Anne Bosanquet


Palomino Colt. Sire: Top Yellow; Dam: Blaircourt Touchwood. Born 26 May 2010. Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud



Hartpury Rockstar

Bay Colt. Sire: Bernwode Benedict (by Bernwode Brokat); Dam: Rose G (KWPN by Corland). Born 19 May 2010. Breeder: Hartpury College.

Langstaffe Dienstag

Bay Filly. Sire: Langstaffe Donnerstag; Dam: Jazz Time Caprice (JA pony). Born 13 April 2010. Breeder: Liz Brindle

Langstaffe Dakota

Coloured Colt.  Sire: Langstaffe Donnerstag; Dam:  Tarbocks Tinker (SPSS Elite & JA pony). Born 7 June 2010. Breeder: Liz Brindle

Sweet Arabella

Buckskin Filly. Sire: SOS Kantje's Unicolur; Dam: Lottie (Irish Cob). Born 18 May 2010. Breeder: Alison Lugg. 5 weeks of age in photo

Woodwalton Beau Brummell

Bay Colt. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: Woodwalton Flame (PB TBF by Godington Hannibal). Born 29 June 2010. Breeders: Woodwalton Stud & Philippa Cole. Picture on day of birth.

Bernwode Top Model

Palomino Filly. Sire: Top Yellow; Dam: Bernwode Dorina (Weser Ems by Viktoria's Chirac). Born 11 June 2010. Breeder: Bernwode Stud. Pictured 4 days old.



Bay Colt. Sire: KB Etoile de Lumiere; Dam: a retired polo mare. Breeder: Penny McNamara. Pictured 18 days old.



Imperial High Order

Bay Colt. Sire: Aimbry Chester; Dam: All At Sea (by Atlantus). Born: 12 June 2010.  Breeder: End House Stud. Pictured when Reserve Supreme Of Show at the British National Foal Show 2010

Picture by kind permission of Equinational


Colt.  Sire: Arnie de Burgh; Dam: Missed The Boat (TBx).  Born 24 February 2010.  Breeder: Anita Williams


Bathleyhills Marsala ("Hazel")

Bay Filly. Sire: Daydream; Dam: Marieke (NFjPS/SPSS). Born: 7th June 2010.  Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud


Bathleyhills First Edition ("Brenda")

Tobiano Filly. Sire: Daydream; Dam: First Lady (AHS/SPSS). Born: 8th July 2010. Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud

Bathleyhills Aramatix ("Lois")

Tobiano Filly. Sire: Daydream; Dam: Bathleyhills Arabella. Born: 16th July 2010. Breeder: Bathleyhills Stud

Portmead Brimstone

Bay/Grey Colt. Sire: Bernwode Brokat; Dam: Portmead Amethyst. Born: 8th June 2010. Breeder: Kate Odey

Offcote Lady Lucinda

Palomino Filly. Sire: Milford Fair Kestrel; Dam: Offcote Princess Leah.  Born: 27 April 2010.  Breeder: Offcote Stud




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