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2012 SPSS Open Young Eventing Pony Championships

supported by British Eventing


part of the IPS Auction Event



Saturday 27th October 2012


South View Competition & Training Centre, Winsford Road, Wettenhall, Cheshire CW7 4DL

The second Open Young Eventing Pony Championships will take place on Saturday 27th October 2012 as part of the IPS Auction being held at South View Competition & Training Centre, Cheshire.  The Championships are open to 4, 5 and 6 year old ponies up to and including 148cms (149 cms with shoes) in height and riders can be any age  (including adults).  The Championships are sponsored by the SPSS and supported by British Eventing


The SPSS Young Jumping Pony Championships and the Parys Horses Open Small Young Eventing Horse Championships are also being held at South View on the same day.  There is also a class for people not wanting to jump but who still want their young pony or small horse assessed as an eventer - click here for more information.  A report on last year's event with results is available here


Spectators are very welcome at this event and a running order will be available including information about the breeding of each pony.  The South View Cafe will be open and there will also be information about the SPSS available.

2011 Champion Eventing Pony, Carnsdale Sunnyside and rider Ant Woodbine receive their rosettes and teddy from Judge, Linda De Matteo

Entries Open on 19th August and close on 20th October; Entry Fee £20; Late entries accepted (up to Wednesday 24th October) - £2 per class extra - please to let us know if you've sent a late entry!!


More information (including downloadable Entry Form) is given below - click on heading to jump to that section:



Dressage Times and approximate jumping times will be published here on 25th October.  Any questions?  If so please call Philippa Cole on 07834 238610; 01234 708905 or



BE Accredited Trainer, Linda de Matteo has been invited to judge this class and each pony will perform a dressage test then jump a course of showjumps and simulated cross country/rustic fences as follows:


Class EP1: 4 year old ponies – Dressage test BE 92;
  Fences not to exceed 75 cms
Class EP2: 5 year old ponies – Dressage test BE 92;
  Fences not to exceed 85 cms
Class EP3: 6 year old ponies – Dressage test BE 110;
  Fences not to exceed 95 cms


The results of the class will be determined on a score basis with the dressage score added to the jumping score. More information on how the classes will be judged can be found below


Download Entry Form here


Entry fee £20 per class.

Entries close on 20th October - late entries are £2 extra per entry.

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2011 Reserve Champion

6 year old Morrigan Mahraid ridden by Robyn Harris

Stabling: Stabling is available, please contact South View on 01270 528684 to book.

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2011 Champion

5 year old Carnsdale Sunnyside and rider Ant Woodbine

Lap of honour time!

General Rules (including Eligibility)

* No qualification required.
* Class open to PONIES only.
* Ponies up to and including 148cm in height (149cm with shoes).

Ponies may be of known or unknown breeding and do not need to be registered with the SPSS. Where ponies have a pedigree, please enclose a copy of this with the entry form (so that breeding information can be published).


Open to both British Eventing (BE) registered and non-registered ponies, owners & riders need not be BE members.


Riders any age (including adults); size of rider to be appropriate for size of pony.

* To be run under BE rules apart from the dressage test may be "called".
* No lunging

Saddlery & Equipment and Competitors' Dress rules as per BE Members Handbook 2012.  Protective Headwear to current safety standards must be worn at all times while mounted (but does not have to have a BE or other "hat tag").

* No entries on day

Competition Format

(how the class will be judged and including rules on tack etc)


The aim of this Championships is to encourage the breeding and correct training of young ponies for eventing, with the best ponies being potential FEI Eventing Ponies.


Judging Approach


The judge will be looking for potential for the future in the young ponies rather than how well they are presented. The judge will look for an athletic, loose moving pony with a promising jumping technique that given the correct training should develop physically and mentally into a capable eventing pony.



In the dressage phase, although the riders are asked to perform a specific test (BE92 for 4 & 5 year olds; BE 110 for 6 year olds), the judge will not be giving marks for the individual movements but will be looking for correct, elastic and regular paces with a swinging back. The pony’s potential to perform a good dressage test in the future and trainability are key. Ponies should be presented in a snaffle bit (as per the BE permitted snaffle bits list) for the dressage.



The ponies will be asked to jump a short course of show jumps followed by some cross country style (rustic) jumps. The judge will be looking for a bold and athletic pony with good technique and a pony with these qualities will not necessarily be penalised for knocking one fence down (or for a 4 year old having one refusal) provided that the pony learns from the mistake. However, knocking down more than one fence will reduce the pony’s score and 3 refusals will mean elimination. It is acceptable for 4 year old ponies to jump from trot. The maximum fence height will be 75cm for 4 year old ponies, 85cm for 5 year old ponies and 95cm for 6 year old ponies and the first few fences will be lower.


Class Results

The jumping and dressage scores will be added together to give an overall score and the results of the age sections will be determined on this overall score. If two or more ponies score equal marks, the pony with the higher temperament score will take the higher placing.



The two ponies with the highest score from each of the 3 age related classes will come forward for the Championships. In the Championships, the judge will assess the ponies for star quality, suitability and potential to make a FEI Event Pony. As part of this, the judge may require the ponies to show extended canter and/or gallop. The judge will also take into account those marks already allocated and select the Overall Champion and Reserve Champion.


How the competition will run


All ponies will perform their dressage tests at a time allocated in advance (see link from top of this page from 6pm on Thursday 25th October). Dressage tests may be "called" if the rider wants. Once all the dressage tests have been completed, the ponies will come forward in the same order for the jumping phase. Tack may be changed between the dressage and the jumping phases but must comply with the BE Members Handbook 2012 Annex 5. Competitors dress should be in accordance with the BE Members Handbook 2012 Annex 6 (rules for BE80, BE90, BE100) and Protective Headwear must be worn at all times while mounted (but does not have to have a BE or other "hat tag").

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4 year old Bonny ridden by Sean Roberts



6 year old Mr Bojangles ridden by Robyn Harris



5 year old Morrigan Spice ridden by Robyn Harris

Download the above information for reference here.  The draft score sheet can also be downloaded (here) but will not be finalised until just before the event when numbers of fences etc are confirmed.

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Carnsdale Sunnyside & Ant Woodbine

Special Prizes
* Rosettes to 6th place in each class

Prize Money per class of depending on entries. Less than 3 entries, no prize money;  3 to 5 entries, £40 to winner; 6 to 8 entries, £40 to winner and £30 to second; 9 or more entries, £40 to winner, £30 to second and £20 to third.


SPSS Thermatex Rug, Sash and extra Rosette to overall Champion

* Wish Bands beaded browband, SPSS polo shirt and extra Rosette to overall Reserve Champion
* £125 voucher for an animal portrait by to the Overall Champion
* Mostyn Farm Ride & Cross Country voucher to each class winner
* Wish Bands vouchers for top scoring pony in each age group
* Voucher for FREE Training session with British Eventing to the top scoring pony in each age group (worth approximately £40 via
* Lesson with Jonquil Hemming to highest scoring Pony Club member (membership number to be given on entry form and Pony Club tie to be worn).
* £50 D&J Saddlery voucher to highest scoring registered M&M
* The Shop @ Keysoe "Goody Bag" containing shampoo, sponge, comb and hoof pick for best turned out pony & rider
* Clear Round rosettes
* SPSS Teddy to youngest rider (date of birth to be given on entry form)
Entry Form and other downloads

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6 year old Talhaearn The General

Click here to download the Schedule & Entry Form in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format


Click here to download the Competition Format information sheet

Click here to download the draft score sheet


The dressage test can be downloaded from the BE website:

Dressage test BE 92              Dressage test BE 110


Click here to download the Adobe PDF reader if you don't have it already.

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Many thanks to the prize sponsors:


D&J Saddlery, who have a tack shop in Llanllyfni, Carenarfon a well as an eBay shop have generously donated a £50 voucher to the highest scoring Mountain and Moorland registered pony.


Mostyn Farm Ride & Cross Country, at Whitford near Holywell and easily accessible from A55 have generously donated a voucher to each class winner.


Paint My Pet, original oil pet portraits from a photograph by a professional artist, have generously donated a £125 voucher to the Overall Champion.


Wish Bands, who have generously donated a beaded browband to the Reserve Champion  and vouchers to the top scoring 4, 5 and 6 year old ponies.


Jonquil Hemming, the British Eventing Pony Team trainer has generously donated a lesson to the highest placed Pony Club member.


British Eventing have generously donated a training session worth approximately £40 to the top scoring pony in each of the 4, 5 and 6 year classes.


The Shop @ Keysoe, situated in the College Equestrian Centre at Keysoe and also selling on-line, they are authorised stockists for brands such as Equiline, Spooks, Sonnenreiter, Charles de Nevel, Schockemohle and many more and have generously donated a "Goody Bag" containing shampoo, sponge, comb and hoof pick to the best turned out pony & rider


JBH Events, organisers of the IPS Auctions, generously underwrite and organise the event.


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