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The results of the DRESSAGE PONY BREEDING classes at the BD Young Horse and Breeding Championship on 25/26 June 2005 were:

Class 8 Biotal Equine Gold Pony Broodmare – Broodmares up to 148cm born in or before 2001 likely to breed a dressage pony
1st Broomford Bellisima (AES)

2001; by Broomford Dancer (DRP & SPSS) out of Wetter Daz (Hann) by Wittinger (Hann). Owner: Rosewater Sport Ponies; Breeder: Mrs H Edmonds

2nd Delphi (Westf)


2001; by Dornik B (DRP) out of Desiree (DRP) by Diamant II (DRP).  Owner: Sarah Eberle; bred in Germany.

3rd Byrowans Bali Hi (NPS)

1995; by Hurstead Spruce (DRP) out of Stanley Grange Jane Aire (NPS) by Gaulden Gamecock (NPS).  Owner: Wadacre Stud; Breeder: Mrs P A & Miss N J Walsh

Class 9 Biotal Equine Gold Pony Foal
1st Wadacre Watch Me! (BWBS) 26/04/05; by Waikki of Wadacre (Hann) out of Byrowans Bali Hi by by Hurstead Spruce (DRP). Owner and Breeder: Wadacre Stud  
Class 10A Fillies born 2002, 2003 and 2004 likely to make a dressage pony  
1st Sheepcote Red Lady (AES) 2004; by Sheepcote Wurlitzer (AES & SPSS) out of Tyr-y-Cae Gold Finch (WBPR) by Sarnau Golden Falcon (WSPB Sec B). Owner & Breeder: D & S Pincus

Sheepcote Red Lady

Overall In-hand Pony Champion

2nd Wurlibird (AES) 12/6/04; by Sheepcote Wurlitzer (AES & SPSS) out of Puzzle. Owner & Breeder: Amanda Blackshaw
3rd Wurligig (AES) 19/04/03; by Sheepcote Wurlitzer (AES & SPSS) out of Puzzle. Owner & Breeder: Amanda Blackshaw

Woodwalton Bhaltair

Winner of Sash for highest placed SPSS pony

Class 10B Colts born 2003 and 2004 and geldings born 2002, 2003 and 2004 likely to make a dressage pony
1st  Woodwalton Bhaltair * (SPSS) 22/05/04; by Bernwode Brokat (Weser Ems & SPSS) out of Saffron of Woodwalton. Owner & Breeder: Philippa Cole

2nd Rosewater Manchineel (SPSS)

22/02/04; by Manitu N (Holst & SPSS) out of Barkway Riverdance (WPCS Sec B) by Baledon Commanchero (WPCS Sec B).  Owner & Breeder: Rosewater Sports Ponies

3rd Bathleyhills Sea Mist (WBPR)

29/06/03; by Kouros Sweet William (NPS) out of Loveden Sea Swallow (WPCS Sec B) by Gigman Jacana (WPCS Sec B). Owner & Breeder: Miss Penny Walster
Class 10 Biotal Equine Gold Pony Youngstock (1st, 2nd & 3rd place animals from Classes 10A and 10B to qualify
1st Sheepcote Red Lady (AES)
2nd Wurlibird (AES)

Rosewater Manchineel

receives his rosette from judge Andrew Graham of Dressage Horse International

3rd Woodwalton Bhaltair (SPSS)
4th Rosewater Manchineel (SPSS)
5th Wurligig (AES)
6th Bathleyhills Sea Mist (WBPR)
Class 11 Biotal Equine Gold In-Hand Breeding Championship
Champion: Sheepcote Red Lady (AES)

Reserve:    Wurlibird (AES)

* Highest placed SPSS registered pony in class

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Winner of SPSS Sash for best SPSS In-hand Overall was Woodwalton Bhaltair


Ridden Pony Classes:

Class 19 Snuggy Hoods 4 Yr Old Dressage Pony Championship

1st Monty Cello Gelding; rider Amy Cole; score 82%

SPSS licensed stallion Bernwode Nirvana and Louise Crutcher warming up before taking 2nd place in the 4 yr old class.  An impressive result considering he was only backed in March 2005 and this was his first show!

2nd Bernwode Nirvana * (SPSS) Stallion; by Nevado out of Sina by Fritzchen; rider Louise Crutcher; score 78.2%
3rd Stemar Imaginaire (Arab) Gelding; by Imad out of Stemar Precious Gem by Kings Flight; rider Belinda Skipper; score 75.8%%
4th I’m A Gent (Trakhener) Gelding; by Russion X; rider Charlotte Du Jardin; score 74.4%
5th Adieu AP (Dutch) Mare; by Wester Aikema’s Adious out of Peggy by Oakley Bubbling On; rider Samantha Wood; score 72.6%
6th Reve D’or (German) Gelding; by Golden Dancer out of Lovely Dream by Luzern; rider Belinda Skipper; score 72.2%
Class 20 Snuggy Hoods 5 Yr Old Dressage Pony Championship

Dornroschen with rider Olivia Oakley and owner Sarah Eberle of Rosewater Sports Ponies, proudly displaying the sash awarded as highest placed SPSS pony in the ridden classes

1st Dornroschen*

Mare; Westfalen & SPSS – FS Don’t Worry/Silvenja by Superman II; rider Olivia Oakley; score 85.4%
2nd Machno Ramezez Gelding; Welsh – Minyffordd Democrat/Howellfly Rosie by Glantraeth Sion; rider Karin Hoerner; score 80.4%
3rd Jonkers Metyo Stallion; Welsh – High Mead Duty Free/Janet by Tetworth Crimson Lake; rider Alex Hardwick; score 70.0%
4th Fleetwater Oppersition Gelding; AES – Fleetwater Opposition/Southwark Cameo by osevean Merry Mountain; rider Amy Parker score 68.6%
5th Tawelfan Revelation Gelding; Welsh – Lynard Poacher by Hafodyrynys Rosina; rider Adam Munday; score 60.4%
6th Whisper Gold Welsh X; rider Ju Aylen; score 59.8%
Class 21 Snuggy Hoods 6 Yr Old Dressage Pony Championship

1st Orinocco Blue 


Gelding; rider Steph Pike; score 69.0%  
2nd Bernwode Duvalier Gelding; German – Durello/Night Lady by Nedo II; rider Olivia Kuropatwa; score 62.0%  

* Highest placed SPSS registered pony in class

Winner of SPSS Sash for best SPSS Ridden Overall was Dornroschen

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