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Studbook Office: The Last House, Keysoe Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ

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Normal office hours - Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Note that the SPSS Office relocated in April 2014 and the contact details at the top of the page should now be used for all contact with the SPSS
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Key Dates


Other 2019 Dates



British Breeders Dinner

Saturday 12th January at The Grange City Hotel, London.


Stallion Parades

The SPSS will be at the following stallion parades with our stand and information:

Competition Stallions - Sunday 16th March - Addington Manor EC 


Pony European Championships

15-18 August at Strzegom, Poland


Futurity Young Horse Evaluations

Open to all youngstock aged 4 weeks to 3 years, the 2019 series will include a re-launch of the Equine Bridge, specially tailored events for 3 year olds and a Futurity Graduate Programme.  Find out more at


Elite Foals Registration Tour

10-24 August The SPSS is continuing to support this initiative (new in 2018) which has been set up to not only simplify the registration of sport horse foals in Britain, but also to identify and promote the best foals bred in the UK.  The tour will visit locations in the UK throughout August. More information available here.  SPSS Passport Forms may be given to the SPSS judge on the day or sent to the Studbook Office in advance - with the ID section either completed by the vet on-site at the Tour day or by another vet beforehand.


British Dressage Young Dressage Pony Championships

Back again in 2019 and being run by British Dressage  - check their website and Rule Book (Rules 200 & 201) for latest info but as at 18/02/19 the qualifiers are:


Keysoe Bedfordshire 28 Apr
Manor Grange Stud West Yorkshire 14 May
Kingswood EC Staffordshire 17 May
Wellington Riding Hampshire 8 Jun
Rockrose ESC East Lothian 8 Jun
Sheepgate Equestrian Lincolnshire 15 Jun
Championship Hartpury Premier League 7 Jul


There are separate sections for 4, 5 and 6 year old ponies (who must not exceed 149cm).  If a pony’s height is disputed, the pony’s current height certificate must be available on the day.


Ponies will be seen in pairs at the qualifiers and will ride a commanded test (contact BD to get a copy).  This is not a dressage test and marks will not be deducted for riding the wrong pattern. The route plan is designed to assess the quality of the horse’s paces, talent and training. Marks allocated at this stage are used solely to determine the top six horses to return for the final judging. Horses will not be stripped or ridden by the judges.


Then the top 6 ponies will return to the arena for final judging (where previous marks are disregarded).  They will be asked to show walk, trot and canter and the final placings are decided between the top 6 ponies, disregarding the previous marks. The top 3 ponies (provided they score 7.0 or more) will qualify for the final (qualification will pass down the line if any of the top 3 are already qualified). 


Riders are eligible from the beginning of the year of their 12th birthday  provided that they are of an appropriate height and/ or weight for the pony.


At the Championship, combinations will be asked to ride a dressage test. Tests used will be BD National Test for the respective age of the pony. There will be no further final judging and final placings will be decided on the final mark from the Championship test.




The 2019 Annual General Meeting of THE SPORTS PONY STUDBOOK SOCIETY is expected to  be held at the Premier Inn at Bristol Cribbs Causeway BS10 7TQ in November 2019



SPSS Mare Grading and Foal Evaluation in progress











For more information and results from past SPSS and other pony events, please click on the year in the table below:




SPSS Gradings 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
SPSS In-Hand Evaluations 2018 2017 2016 2015 - - - 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006    
Young Dressage Pony       - - 2013 2012 2011 2010            
Young Jumping Pony   - - - - - 2012 2011 2010            
Young Eventing Pony   - - - - 2013 2012 2011              
Pony European Championships       2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010            
BEF Futurity         2014   2012 2011 2010     2007 2006    



The Sports Pony Studbook Society

Studbook Office:   The Last House, Keysoe Row West, Keysoe, Bedfordshire MK44 2JJ

Tel: 07703 566066    Email: 

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